Our Recommendations & Warranty


  1. DO NOT use the surface for the specified number of days or hours indicated by the refinisher who completed the job. Usually 48hrs.

  2. DO NOT lay soap, sponges, cloths, bottles or any objects on the finish at any time! Purchase a shower rack instead.

  3. DO NOT let a leaky faucet go unrepaired.

  4. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers. No S-O-S pads. No Powder cleansers such as AJAX, COMET, ect. No soft scrub, no razor, NO ABRASIVES AT ALL! Tub cleans easy with a spray cleaner or dish soap diluted in warm water and a soft sponge(such as a multi-use double sided kitchen dish sponge scrub scouring pads).

  5. DO use good cleansers such as: Tilex – Lysol tile cleaner – Mr. Clean – Fantastic  and dawn. all diluted in water, Liquid dish soap mixed on warm water at least once a week.

  6. DO NOT use bath mats with suction underneath at all. They will pull the finish and trap moisture. Ask about our permanent anti-skid mats available.

  7. DO NOT pick surface dust off with your fingers. Any surface dust particles will dissipate with regular usage.

  8. DO use a towel after each use. The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. You don’t have to wipe it dry.

  9. DO ensure caulking is always around the tub.

  10. DO NOT use any hair dyes on the reglazed surface. As colors will stain and damage the reglaze.

  11. DO NOT use liquid clog removers on reglazed surface such as, LIQUID PUMR, DRANO OR ANY OTHERS.

  12. NEVER use a bathtub or other reglazed/refinished surface to clean brushes or any painting related chemicals or materials. Keep all harsh chemicals away from tub.

  13. Don’t clean or store sharp or abrasive items on surface.

  14. NEVER let workers stand in a reglazed tub with their shoes on. Have them remove shoes and put a soft towel down.


OUR WARRANTY:Our warranty is based on our recommendations. No warranty offered on kitchen sinks, rust repairs and floor repairs, unless a cut out is performed. The amount of warranty it’s specified on the invoice, if no warranty amount it’s specified none will apply. Warranty covers peeling and blistering throughout the entire reglazed surfaces caused by defect on product or workmanship. Any minor peeling and/or blistering most be notified immediately to maintain warranty. The warranty does not cover customer or tenant neglect, accidental damage, hair dyes, bath mats with suction cups. Tub Quality Reglaze will inspect the problem area and determine whether the resulting damage was caused by a defect in the product or workmanship. If it is found that damage such as blistering and/or peeling was caused by defect in product or workmanship, such will be covered under warranty under the terms of the warranty. Tub Quality Reglaze is not responsible for dust particles that may fall into the reglazed surface while the new finish is drying. Most particles caught in the drying topcoat will be removed naturally in the process of normal cleaning. ‘Picking’ at spots will not be covered. Tub Quality Reglaze is not responsible for any damage caused by the removal of taped and papered fixtures by the property owner. Patience and caution is advised when removing any tape or paper following the elapse of the full 48hours as recommended. Warranty can only be claimed by the person, who’s name appears in the invoice (no exceptions). Limited warranty applies to rental properties for a period of 60days. No warranty offered for properties on sale or in the market.


Our warranty excludes the following: Excluding (but not limited to): chipping, scratches, stains, or knife marks due to misuse or abuse of surface, discoloration due to bleaches, dyes or acids, perfumes, solvents and/or problems caused by leaky plumbing or rust damage. Sharp or heavy objects may cause damage to the surface. Rust, corrosion, mineral buildup, spot repairs, and all other surfaces are not covered under warranty. Any damage to the surface resulting from improper cleaning, excessive use, and/or leaky plumbing is expressly excluded under this warranty. Any scratching, deterioration of the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered normal wear and tear.


We stand behind our work, and the products we use are of high quality.  However, reglazed surfaces cannot be treated as you would with an original fixture. Therefore, we recommend following the recommendations to maintain the “like new” appearance of your reglazed/refinished fixture.