Save up to 60% over the cost of replacing.

About Us

Tub Quality Reglaze

Family owned and operated business.

We are a company with ten years of experience in delivering reglazing services through out Southern California. We are a team of professionals ready to serve you. We have the most competitive prices and reasonable in the market. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy.

Decorators & Contractors

Cost effective process.

The easiest and most affordable way to attain a beautiful kitchen and bathroom at a a fraction of the cost by reglazing. Maximize the home improvement budget with a cost effective reglazing process.


Multi-spec (Granite look) colors available.


Remodel your bathroom and kitchen by Reglaze it instead of replacing it!

Save up to 80% by reglazing vs. complete remodeling.

Most jobs are done within a few hours and are ready to use in as little as 48 hours.


Save time & money by reglazing. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes!!

Increase your sales by offering your customers a beautiful ‘like new’ bathroom without breaking the bank! We can restore tubs, sinks, vanities, and countertops and add a brand new look and feel to the property. Reglazing the fixtures can make a huge difference and buyers will love it. Improve the look of your properties and boost your sales today!

We do not guarantee kitchen sinks finishes, due to their high abuse in nature. However, reglazing the kitchen sinks in our shop give us the opportunity to double coat the sinks for a lasting finish. Please call our office for more information (951) 289-9729